Jojo SC 31: Opposites Attract

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders episode 31 review

Jojo SC 31

Jojo continues its funny streak with an episode about Joseph and Avdol doing… that. Magnetically stuck to each other, they make for a hilarious scene as they try to get unstuck. Then a train comes, and they’re stuck to the tracks. The only way to escape? Avdol to use his Stand in order to burn the tracks but leave enough so the train doesn’t derail.

Then Avdol and Joseph go running down the streets, with everything metal imaginable sticking to them as they go. Finally they meet up with Mariah, who seems to have them killed by bringing down power lines to try to electrocute them. But the two use their Stands to hold the wires back, then trap Mariah in between the two of them to knock her unconscious.

The episode was mostly funny; the way Mariah was defeated was pretty anticlimactic and disappointing, however. It was a solid episode, though.

Character of the episode: Joseph Joestar

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***

BC 16: Nothing that a hundred men on Mars could ever do

Black Clover episode 16 review


BC Mars

In probably the best episode in a long time, Asta fights off Lotus before getting into a battle with Mars. Yuno tried to defeat Mars and couldn’t. That means that Asta gets his shot at Mars, and he’s going to do it the only way he knows how: brute force.

I hate that term, by the way. “Brute force” was a form of mathematics that was tedious and time-consuming. It wasn’t any fun. That’s what I think of every time I hear that phrase.

Anyway, Asta goes at it with Mars, even while Yuno, the supposedly fierce rival, thinks back happily about his semi-brother. I thought Yuno was going to be a Gary Oak. Here, he’s more like a mentor to Asta than anything else.

In any case, this episode was good. It keeps me interested in Black Clover… for now.

Character of the episode: Asta

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***1/2