2018 Anime Bracket – Final Four

2018 Final Four

Time for the Final Four!

Rei Ayanami vs. Rem

The two girls look alike. They act alike, at times. They both are dearly beloved by their respective fan bases, and they both have a cute relationship with the main character. But does Rem have her own dating game? Because that’s what my beloved Ayanami Raising Project is, and every time I see the pics of Rei doing life from that game, my heart melts. She’s just so adorable. I know Rem is too, but ultimately I can’t pick against Rei this time, and she moves on to yet another championship match.

Winner: Rei

Haruhi Suzumiya vs. Haruka Tenoh

Haruka is a Cinderella story in a way. I would have never picked her to even reach the tournament 10 years ago. Now she’s knocking on the door of the championship match. But there Haruhi stands, my first-ever figure of her standing amongst my LEGO Architecture sets. She stands with her hands on her hips, expecting to be picked. And while Sailor Uranus definitely deserves to be here, I got to go with Haruhi yet again. Yes, once again we have a Rei vs. Haruhi championship!

Winner: Haruhi

If the last 10 Anime Brackets are any indication, it looks like my favorite two characters are pretty clear. I can’t wait for next year’s 10th anniversary Anime Bracket, when there will be a big format change that will shake up everything. In the meantime, tomorrow we’ll decide who will get their second face on the blog’s banner – Rei Ayanami or Haruhi Suzumiya!

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