HxH 93: Kim Jong-Un

Hunter x Hunter episode 93 review

HxH 93

The King goes ahead with his murderous intentions and kills off the “Supreme Leader” of the NGL who looks a whole lot like Kim Jong-Un. Then the King goes on a left-wing rant on how humans are just as evil because they kill cows and pigs. You can make the argument that since he’s a bad guy, we’re not supposed to agree with him. But, since I’ve seen the end of this arc already, I can tell you that this left-wing PETA-esque argument is forced down the viewers’ throats and it’s not just something we’re supposed to dismiss. I hate when shows thrust their beliefs down my throat. No, I’m not evil because I like hamburgers and bacon. Killing humans is not the same as having a steak.

In any case, there’s also a bizarre subplot about Gon taking Palm on a date. All the while, Gon is being stalked by Ants, and Killua has to protect Gon. This leads to Killua getting into a battle with an Ant at the end of the episode. Most of this episode was just those two on a date. Palm is shown to have signs of being normal, which is the main purpose of this episode. Other than, of course, promoting vegetarianism.

Character of the episode: Palm

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***

TFo0 F 10-12: Perfect ending

The Familiar of Zero F episodes 10-12 review

TFoF 12

This anime had a better ending than even Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. After 4 seasons of hand-wringing, angsting, and worrying, we finally get the ending we deserve: Louise and Saito getting married, and Saito getting to go back to Japan – with Louise (which is what makes it perfect). When you have an ending this perfect, it doesn’t matter how haphazard the episodes were preceding it: the details don’t matter.

The Pope is the sacrificial lamb in all this. A giant dragon attacks the land of our heroes, and someone has to die – so it’s the Pope. Once he’s dead, all the different kingdoms team up to kill the giant dragon. They fail. So Louise uses her magic to send Saito back to his original world – not to save them, but so he doesn’t have to die with them. This is such a grown-up Louise from when we first met her.

But Saito will do anything for the woman he loves. He somehow gets possession of a fighter jet (again, the details don’t matter) and flies it into a solar eclipse (yet again, the details don’t matter). This enables him to go back to Louise’s world, where he uses the fighter jet to destroy the giant dragon and save everyone, with the help of Louise’s magic.

Then they get married and kiss and everyone goes to their wedding and it’s all roses. Not only that, but in the final credits, we see Louise and Saito go to Saito’s world (modern-day Japan) to finally bring closure on what had been the biggest problem I had – wouldn’t Saito feel homesick after a while? Well, now he’s home. And married. And happy. And The Familiar of Zero ends with a bang.

Episode 10 rating (out of four stars): ***

Episode 11 rating: ****

Episode 12 rating: ****

S7 9-12: Something happened on the way to heaven

Samurai 7 episodes 9-12 review

S7 10

Something funny happened on the way of Samurai 7 becoming irrelevant… it became pretty good. We’ve met our seven samurai, and most of them have differing personalities. What’s more important, we’re actually moving on to an interesting plot here, with the samurai finally back to the village which they have to protect. Episodes 10 and 11 were particularly good, as they centered around some of the individual samurai’s personalities as well as the villagers.

Overall, it’s still pretty forgettable on the whole, but it’s at least getting better. It’s at least not the snooze-fest it was earlier on.

Episode 9 rating (out of four stars): **

Episode 10 rating: ***

Episode 11 rating: ***

Episode 12 rating: **1/2

Kare Kano 12-13: Uno

His and Her Circumstances episodes 12-13 review

Kare Kano Uno

Last week I skipped Samurai 7 and The Familiar of Zero F; this week I’m skipping Is It Wrong. But as for these two episodes, they were something else. The first of them contains a game of Uno. That’s right, that Uno game you see above. It’s got the real-life Uno cards, so one must wonder if they got the rights to use Uno in the show. The show also does a better job at teaching the viewer the game of Uno than it does making us understand the intricacies of the characters’ relationships.

That was episode 12; as for episode 13, we get a pretty good storyline with Tsubasa not wanting her father to get remarried, and then her potential step-brother inadvertently insulting her by saying that he can’t wait to have a kid sister (spoiler alert: she’s actually older). Hilarity ensues, and Second Impact occurs. Literally. Remember, this is Gainax we’re talking about.

Both episodes weren’t bad, which makes me feel happier that I’m still watching.

Episode 12 rating (out of four stars): **1/2

Episode 13 rating: ***1/2