HxH 86: In the Palm of your hand

Hunter x Hunter episode 86 review


It’s training arc time! In case you’re not a fan of training arcs, well, I have bad news for you. Bisky is back for the sole purpose of training Gon and Killua. She’s joined by a very strange woman named Palm. And off we go to train!

Gon and Killua have to get strong enough to beat Knuckle and Shoot, who seem to be pretty strong, and maybe a little arrogant too. Why must they beat Knuckle and Shoot? To prove their worth. But in reality Knuckle and Shoot are just there to provide barriers to prevent Gon and Killua from getting back to the NGL where PEOPLE. ARE. DYING. (Would you please shut down the system?)

Oh, and Pouf has been born. He’s got the ability of telepathy. Pitou and him are preparing for the third Royal Guard to be born. Meanwhile, Kite’s body is frozen in a block of ice. Is he still alive after all?

Character of the episode: Palm

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***

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