Kare Kano 7: Malfunction

His and Her Circumstances episode 7 review

Kare Kano 7

Due to the malfunctioning of my DVD, I was only able to watch one episode today. It wasn’t bad; Yukino and Arima get called into the principal’s office, as their grades have gone down ever since they got together. So in Japan they must really be serious about grades if they’re willing to pull a couple apart!

It was an entertaining episode, but I missed the last few seconds due to the DVD malfunction. I’m going to give it a good rating as a benefit of the doubt, and hopefully 2 weeks from now when I resume watching, I’ll be able to see the whole episodes.

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***

SP 21-26: Super-happy ending

Sister Princess episodes 21-26 review

SP 26

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE happy endings, and I normally hate something if the ending doesn’t have some hope. (Catching Fire is the only exception to this rule.) But this ending was almost TOO happy. After several episodes where we get development for the last few characters who hadn’t gotten any, Wataru goes back to Tokyo, seemingly forsaking his little sisters. But then he has a change of heart and goes back with them, and his friend Akio, who tried to get Wataru to stay in Tokyo, ends up joining Wataru on the island. In short, everybody’s happy!

And after all that… it was a very uplifting series, and a super-cute one. But is it one I’d recommend? Probably not. Unless you like watching cute girls do cute things, which is actually a genre in itself these days. All in all, though, I think Sister Princess accomplished its goal. What show will replace it in my lineup? Find out in a couple of weeks!

Overall series rating (out of four stars): **1/2

HxH 86: In the Palm of your hand

Hunter x Hunter episode 86 review


It’s training arc time! In case you’re not a fan of training arcs, well, I have bad news for you. Bisky is back for the sole purpose of training Gon and Killua. She’s joined by a very strange woman named Palm. And off we go to train!

Gon and Killua have to get strong enough to beat Knuckle and Shoot, who seem to be pretty strong, and maybe a little arrogant too. Why must they beat Knuckle and Shoot? To prove their worth. But in reality Knuckle and Shoot are just there to provide barriers to prevent Gon and Killua from getting back to the NGL where PEOPLE. ARE. DYING. (Would you please shut down the system?)

Oh, and Pouf has been born. He’s got the ability of telepathy. Pitou and him are preparing for the third Royal Guard to be born. Meanwhile, Kite’s body is frozen in a block of ice. Is he still alive after all?

Character of the episode: Palm

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***