E21 73-74: Onside kick

Eyeshield 21 episodes 73-74 review

E21 73

Eyeshield 21’s 73rd episode is one of the best in series history. Now trailing 35-32, Hiruma misses the extra point badly, setting up a near-hopeless situation for the Devil Bats. They must recover the onside kick in order to get the ball back. Luckily for the non-football fan, Hiruma goes into great detail in explaining the play, and the non-fan can understand what is about to happen.

Then the kick occurs, and it’s every bit as exciting as the best onside kicks in the NFL. Monta appears to have it, then he laterals the ball to Sena (which is illegal). The official rules of football state that the kicking team cannot advance an onside kick. But it doesn’t matter; the Seibu player had possession before Monta did, and thus the play is dead. The clock runs out, and the game is over, Deimon is out.

But wait just a moment! As Monta fruitlessly yells at the referee, the Devil Bats find out that they still can get into the Christmas Bowl as long as they win the third-place game! Hiruma declined to tell the team this so they wouldn’t slack off. And of course he failed to tell the audience this so we’d be in suspense. So it’s not over for the Devil Bats yet; they still have another game to play.

Episode 74 was just tomfoolery. Not much to say about it. Not much happened in it.

Episode 73 rating (out of four stars): ****

Episode 74 rating: **

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