BC 12: Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix

Black Clover episode 12 review

BC 12

This episode continues the triviality of Black Clover. We seriously waste 2/3 of an episode chasing a guy who stole a woman’s purse. Sorry, but in the world of a Wizard King, I expect bigger problems than simply purse-chasing. (At least the “Ha Ha!” guy – similar to the tight end from Eyeshield 21 – is pretty humorous.)

Then we spend the rest of the episode seeing Yuno visit home. And that’s it. It seems like only yesterday he left home. Had this reunion come in episode 52, I could see this being a big moment, but he didn’t leave home all that long ago. There’s no reason to have him come back home so soon.

In short, this episode was pointless, save for a few scenes that were foreshadowing. I feel like there’s so much more that can be done here.

Character of the episode: The “Ha Ha!” Guy

Episode rating (out of four stars): *1/2

One thought on “BC 12: Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix

  1. They never really make it clear what the wizard knights are actually supposed to be doing for all that becoming one was apparently such a big deal. And you are right, it seems like purse chasing should probably be beneath them given everyone else can use magic anyway so why would you need someone else to help you catch the purse snatcher?


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