S7 5-6: Michiko & Samurai

Samurai 7 episodes 5-6 review

S7 6

Samurai 7 has turned into Michiko & Hatchin. We once had a coherent plot with some direction; now we’re just going every which way the wind blows. The only difference is that there are samurai involved. That makes it a lot like Samurai Champloo, but without the humor.

I feel a bit depressed after watching this, because I know I have 20 episodes to go of this and Kare Kano, both of which are failing at the moment. Can either turn it around? If not, this is going to be a long 10 weeks.

Episodes rating (out of four stars): *

Kare Kano 5-6: Now I know why I dropped this show

His and Her Circumstances episodes 5-6 review


Aside from introducing the character Asaba to the cast, these two episodes were about as boring as it gets. Yes, it’s slice-of-life, but this was so slicy-of-lifey that there was no real movement to the plot whatsoever. I now know why I dropped this show after 6 episodes. Here we are, at the end of 6 episodes, and I have no desire to keep on watching. Sure, the first 4 episodes were awfully good, but now the series seems to be spinning its wheels.

Hopefully, things turn around soon, so I am able to enjoy the rest of this series. If not, it’s a long 20 episodes to go.

Episodes rating (out of four stars): *