HxH 87: Knuckle sandwich

Hunter x Hunter episode 87 review

HxH 87

I missed this episode along with all of Toonami last weekend, and now I wish I would have skipped it. This episode was boring as heck. Sure, it introduced the character of Knuckle, but truth be told, he’s not all that interesting of a guy. Hunter x Hunter pretty much forces characters on us in this arc. We are forced to care about Knuckle and Shoot and Palm, as well as some of the Ants. In reality, I care about characters like Bisky and Kite. Those characters get shoved aside.

Aside from Gon and Killua meeting Knuckle, the only thing of note in this episode is that the Queen is getting closer to giving birth, while Peggy talks about subordination amongst the Ants. Wait until you see how important Peggy’s talk was. It is completely forgotten about as soon as the King is born. Once the King is born, all the crap about Ants is all thrown out and the only Ants that matter are the King and his 3 Royal Guards. Hunter x Hunter is written like a bad fanfic at this point.

Boring episode, hopefully it gets better, but what am I saying? I know it doesn’t get better for a while.

Character of the episode: Knuckle

Episode rating (out of four stars): *1/2

2018 Anime Bracket

It is an annual rite of spring, bringing with it excitement and emotion that can be found in no other event. The wait is finally over, the brackets are ready, and the drama of the Anime Bracket is about to begin!

[The picture below is too hard to read. Click the link below it to view the bracket.]

2018 Anime Bracket

The event is simple. 68 characters, 1 champion. I pick who wins completely on a whim. If you’d like to guess who you think will win, simply fill out your bracket here.

2018 Anime Bracket

This year there will be no reward for the one who picks the best bracket; that is due to my vacation which will interfere with the normal Anime Bracket schedule. The schedule for this year is still unknown; it will probably pick up two weeks from now. In the meantime, you’re free to fill out your bracket and see how good you can do.

This year is the 10th annual Anime Bracket! Nothing special this year in honor of that occasion, but maybe something special is in store next year…

See you later in March for the matches, as we reduce 68 characters down to 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, and then 1 who gets his or her face planted upon the blog’s banner!

Kare Kano 7: Malfunction

His and Her Circumstances episode 7 review

Kare Kano 7

Due to the malfunctioning of my DVD, I was only able to watch one episode today. It wasn’t bad; Yukino and Arima get called into the principal’s office, as their grades have gone down ever since they got together. So in Japan they must really be serious about grades if they’re willing to pull a couple apart!

It was an entertaining episode, but I missed the last few seconds due to the DVD malfunction. I’m going to give it a good rating as a benefit of the doubt, and hopefully 2 weeks from now when I resume watching, I’ll be able to see the whole episodes.

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***