HxH 85: The Hunter becomes the hunted

Hunter x Hunter episode 85 review

HxH 85

Kite goes down! In the most dramatic Hunter x Hunter episode since the Yorknew City arc, Neferpitou senses Kite’s presence and decides to go out and intercept him. Kite foolishly tells Gon and Killua to run away, even though Killua is a trained assassin who’s killed countless people. Gon powers up, ready to fight, then Killua knocks down Gon and leaves Kite to die.

Meanwhile, here comes Chairman Netero and a couple of others, ready to take on the Hunt. Gon and Killua are sent back to the normal world to go and train to get better. Which means one thing: training arc! Can’t wait. It’s a shounen manga, you know? There has to be a training arc every so many episodes. And here’s one.

Oh, and Gon is super-optimistic that Kite will be fine. That’s his goal for training to get better. One problem: the final scene shows Pitou with a severed head of Kite’s. Is Kite dead, or is this just a scene to throw us off the scent? Don’t worry, only 40 episodes until you find out!

Character of the episode: Pitou

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***1/2

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