Jojo SC 26: The Sound of Silence

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders episode 26 review

Jojo SC 26

The main part of this episode is nothing special. It’s a good old battle between Jojo & pals vs. the Stand. We’ve seen this a dozen times already, so this sort of bored me to death. Jojo needs to come up with a new way of keeping me interested.

…And that it did. Because after the credits, there was a scene where a kid had a comic book, and a random stranger wanted to see it. The stranger read the comic book, and it noted that everything that he had just done was written in the comic book. The brother of the kid with the comic book came up and told the stranger to go away. What happened in the comic book was that the character got impaled on a telephone pole, and guess what happened to the stranger? You know it.

That last part redeemed this episode for me. Because it was something different, not the same old stuff we’ve been watching all arc. Hopefully there’s more stuff like that, rather than “Jojo & pals struggle to beat a Stand before they figure out the trick, then the Stand gets five minutes to redeem himself.”

Character of the episode: Zenyatta

Just for that bit at the end.

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***

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