HxH 84: Fun with Ants

Hunter x Hunter episode 84 review

HxH 84

We are introduced to Neferpitou in this episode. Pitou, as she’s called, is by far the most interesting of the Royal Guards. She’s ruthless, cruel, and cute too. She will wreak havoc as this arc goes on.

However, the trouble with this episode is that not much happened. Yes, Pitou joins the fray. Did anything else even happen? A couple of Ants waited for their prey, then ran away. A bunch of Ants talked about “rares” and Nen. Kite and Gon and Killua hardly said a word. The episode just felt empty.

I want to say something good about this episode, but the only good thing about it was Pitou and the fact that she’s voiced by the lovely Sarah Anne Williams.

Character of the episode: Pitou

Episode rating (out of four stars): **½

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