Blog re-brand, but no end to the tomfoolery

I have renamed the blog in an effort to re-brand; it is now simply called “Tommy A. Phillips,” for a more professional feel. The “Tom-foolery” name, I felt, was a little too immature, and allowed for negative connotations. This is not my author page; you can find that at either or if you want to see that.

On another note, I am celebrating my 10th anniversary of blogging this week. You may be saying, “your blog’s only been around since 2017!” But I had a former blog on Blogger that got mistakenly taken down for mysterious copyright violations that I did not commit. That blog, named Anime Bowl, had a lot of controversies over the years, and I’m sort of glad it no longer exists. But it did begin on February 18, 2008, and now 10 years later, I’m still blogging.

To celebrate my 10th anniversary, there will also be the 10th annual Anime Bracket where 68 of my favorite characters compete to see which one is my favorite for the year. While there will not be a bracket-picking contest this year (a vacation I’m taking will cause a different schedule for the bracket), there will still be the hi-jinks and wackiness that comes at this time every year.

I’ll be posting which characters are in the tournament for sure at some point. Currently there are 57 “auto-bids” given to the #1-rated character of each anime of which I have seen at least 6 episodes. Those are characters who are in the tournament for sure; all other characters get in on an at-large basis. While the bracket-picking contest is not on for this year, we will still get to find out which characters go far and which one ends up permanently fixed on the blog’s (slightly new) banner.

Thank you for supporting me for 10 years; hopefully 10 years from now I’m doing something better than blogging!

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