HxH 82: PA Scissors

Hunter x Hunter episode 82 review

HxH 82

Gon, Killua, and Kite all go at a bunch of ants who have killed off the NGL’s underground. The NGL had been manufacturing drugs and weapons, but now that they’re inside the Queen’s belly, these ants are using whatever humans are left as their dogs. Gon takes offense to that, and he goes after one of the ants, followed by Killua and Kite both going after ants.

Kite has a slot machine for a weapon, which gives him a random weapon every time he rolls. (He doesn’t get many good rolls.) So basically the three take on ants and all three win, with Gon winning thanks to a “scissors” attack out of his “rock, paper, scissors,” and Killua winning because his body is immune to poison.

Now that they’ve done that, they’ve got to reach the nest, at least before the Queen gives birth to the King and unleashes a new definition of suffering to the world.

Character of the episode: Killua

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***1/2

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