Jojo SC 23: The ship be sinking

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders episode 23 review

Jojo SC 23

It is laughable how useless Jotaro Kujo is. I can’t figure out whether he’s supposed to be this useless, or if this is a joke, or what. Yet again, Jotaro stands by and does nothing but answer a phone, while all the other characters are doing stuff. It’s almost as if Jotaro’s supposed to come off as this useless. It may be intentional. In any case, Jotaro has become my least favorite character, ever since he let that guy walk on him as a bridge.

The yellow submarine sinks after getting attacked by a Stand, and now the Jojo crew has to figure out how to survive. Honestly, it was a good episode, which I am thankful for after last week’s debacle. Joseph and Polnareff continue to be the big stars, while Suzie Q makes an appearance for the first time this season. Suzie Q is “Living in America” while Joseph crashes the “Yellow Submarine” and the characters try to “Jump” to safety on their way to “Africa.” I could go on for days, folks.

Character of the episode: Joseph

Episode rating (out of four stars: ***

My thoughts on Super Bowl LII

Super Bowl LII

What a game. Here are my quick thoughts on Super Bowl LII:

  • This very well may have been the greatest football game ever played. The most yards of any game in NFL history, and very few mistakes. The two turnovers were just fantastic defensive plays. Plus the replays didn’t overturn the calls on the field. It was about as good as a game as you could ask for.
  • Tom Brady in defeat cemented his position as the greatest quarterback ever. He threw for over 500 yards in a Super Bowl. That is nuts, given that through the first 33 Super Bowls, no one had thrown for more than 400.
  • Aaron Rodgers completes that Hail Mary at the end of the game, though. I just know he would.
  • The Patriots now have 5 Super Bowl wins and 5 Super Bowl losses. The latter ties a record with the Denver Broncos.
  • The NFC East is the first division to get all four teams to win a Super Bowl. The former NFC East, with the Cardinals included, still wouldn’t get that honor, however.
  • This is the new NFL. Pass on every play, and just keep scoring and scoring. Don’t be surprised if next year these records from this game end up being shattered yet again.
  • My money’s on New England winning Super Bowl LIII.