Ohayocon 18

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This was my sixth Ohayocon. I was also at Ohayocons 10, 11, 12, 15, and 16. (All Ohayocon numbers correspond with the years that they were in, so the 18th Ohayocon was this one, in 2018.) Overall, it had some problems, but was still a fun con.

+: The dealers’ room. It was huge, and full of all kinds of good stuff. I got three figures, a Haruhi Suzumiya, a Rei Ayanami, and a Rin Tohsaka. I also got an artbook for The Familiar of Zero, as well as a Sailor Uranus POP figure, and some other stuff too. The dealers’ room was amazing and the best part of this con.

+: The Madoka Magica panel on Saturday, “Hope and Despair.” The panelists clearly did a ton of research and knew a lot about what they were talking about. They produced by far the best panel of the entire con, and they deserve a ton of credit. Also, the girl doing it said it was her first panel she had ever done. I want to tell her that’s impossible, because she did it so well that she seemed like a seasoned veteran. Seriously, though, it was an amazing panel.

+: The Sailor Moon panel on Sunday. This panel had a lot of good info on Sailor Moon as well as some interactive bits that produced some humor. This was a very good panel that capped off the con in a good way.

+: The Lupin III panel on Friday. Did you know that Lupin’s name is actually mispronounced in the English dub on purpose, because of copyright issues? Fascinating stuff. I learned a ton about Lupin and now want to see more, and there is a lot more.

-: The Re:Zero panel. Sadly the panel didn’t bring up the royal candidates, who are some of my favorite characters. It wasn’t a bad panel, but it ended way too early.

-: The drunkards. Seriously, people, can we all agree that being at a con does not give you permission to act like a jerk? Some girl tried to jam an elevator that I was on right as I tried to get off on my floor. Another guy came up to me as if to tackle me, only to tell me that “Cory in the House” is “the best anime ever.” And another girl started screaming on an elevator because she was drunk beyond belief. This has got to stop. This is what turns me away from cons, the people who can’t control their liquor and allow it to control them. I’m sure there are some illicit drugs going around, too.

-: The layout. Some panel rooms were so far away from others that you had to leave a half hour early if you wanted to get to the next panel in time. There were some rooms we didn’t even see because they were so far away.

Overall, a solid con. If the drunkards didn’t bother me so much, I’d have really liked this con. As it is, it was still pretty good.

Rating (out of four stars): ***

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