HxH 85: The Hunter becomes the hunted

Hunter x Hunter episode 85 review

HxH 85

Kite goes down! In the most dramatic Hunter x Hunter episode since the Yorknew City arc, Neferpitou senses Kite’s presence and decides to go out and intercept him. Kite foolishly tells Gon and Killua to run away, even though Killua is a trained assassin who’s killed countless people. Gon powers up, ready to fight, then Killua knocks down Gon and leaves Kite to die.

Meanwhile, here comes Chairman Netero and a couple of others, ready to take on the Hunt. Gon and Killua are sent back to the normal world to go and train to get better. Which means one thing: training arc! Can’t wait. It’s a shounen manga, you know? There has to be a training arc every so many episodes. And here’s one.

Oh, and Gon is super-optimistic that Kite will be fine. That’s his goal for training to get better. One problem: the final scene shows Pitou with a severed head of Kite’s. Is Kite dead, or is this just a scene to throw us off the scent? Don’t worry, only 40 episodes until you find out!

Character of the episode: Pitou

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***1/2

SP 16-20: Playing out the string

Sister Princess episodes 16-20 review

Sister Princesses

These five episodes proved to me for certain that Sister Princess is nothing more than a fun, happy, light-hearted, slice-of-life series. There’s nothing wrong with that. The problem is, with no conflict whatsoever, there’s no reason for me to be invested. Jojo has its problems, but it has lots of conflict, so I keep on coming back. But in this case, the lack of conflict makes it so that I just don’t see any reason to get interested in it.

Also, there hasn’t nearly been enough Hinako. She’s my favorite character, and she’s got pushed to the side in favor of some of the other, less interesting characters. I hope to finish up this series next week in order to start up a new one following my March vacation.

Episodes 16-20 rating (out of four stars): **

Top 10 Tuesday: Best moments of the 2018 Olympics

Olympic Rings

What were the best moments of this year’s Olympics? Here’s a look into the biggest moments in PyeongChang.

10. Opening Ceremonies, torch-lighting

First you had the very symbolic gesture of a North Korean and South Korean carrying the torch together, then figure skater Yuna Kim getting to light the cauldron. What a scene that was.

9. Olympic Athletes from Russia win men’s hockey

Hopefully they don’t get this one taken away for doping, too.

8. Yuzuru Hanyu wins men’s figure skating

Cue the onslaught of Winnie the Pooh plushies!

7. Figure skating team event

The U.S. may have only gotten a bronze, but there was lots of good skating, especially from the Knierims and Mirai Nagasu.

6. U.S. women’s cross-country skiing gold

The USA never had a gold medal in women’s cross-country skiing until these girls pulled off a last-second comeback, with Jessie Diggins crossing the finish line first to win it.

5. Women’s figure skating

It is true that the Olympic Athletes from Russia gamed the system to win, as newfangled scoring in figure skating has certain quirks that enable certain skaters to take advantage by making all their jumps in the second half of their program to get a 10% bonus. But boy, was it fun to watch.

4. U.S. women’s hockey wins gold

In a shootout, no less! They came back from a 2-1 deficit to tie the game late in the third period, then survived overtime on their way to claiming the gold by winning the shootout after the shootout was tied after 5 shooters apiece. What a thrilling finish.

3. Chloe Kim wins gold in women’s snowboarding halfpipe

Chloe Kim is like a living, breathing Hello Kitty. She’s just the most adorable, cute girl. But just like Hello Kitty has so much power to make money, so too does Chloe have the power to make outstanding tricks on the halfpipe, and blow away everybody en route to a gold medal. It sucks she only had one event, cause I’d loved to have seen her more.

2. Shaun White wins gold in men’s snowboarding halfpipe

What an ending this was. Needing a perfect run to capture the gold medal, White did just that, and showed off some of the world’s best tricks on the halfpipe en route to doing so. His reaction after winning was priceless, simply totally overcome with emotion.

  1. U.S. men’s curling wins gold

This was my favorite moment because what odds the team had to overcome. The team was sitting at 2-4 and out of medal contention, before catching on fire and beating 3 of the world’s best teams to get into the medal round at 5-4. They then had to beat Canada, the defending gold medalists, and Sweden, probably the best team in the world. They did so and won gold. But it’s how they did that’s amazing. Skip John Shuster, who had been roasted on Twitter and Wikipedia for being the most anti-clutch player of all time, came through in the clutch again and again, including the biggest shot in Olympic history to score 5 points against the Swedes to take home the gold. Congratulations John, and the rest of your teammates – you are not only gold medalists, you are the best story of these Games!

Oh, and see you in Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022, hopefully in person!

Jojo SC 26: The Sound of Silence

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders episode 26 review

Jojo SC 26

The main part of this episode is nothing special. It’s a good old battle between Jojo & pals vs. the Stand. We’ve seen this a dozen times already, so this sort of bored me to death. Jojo needs to come up with a new way of keeping me interested.

…And that it did. Because after the credits, there was a scene where a kid had a comic book, and a random stranger wanted to see it. The stranger read the comic book, and it noted that everything that he had just done was written in the comic book. The brother of the kid with the comic book came up and told the stranger to go away. What happened in the comic book was that the character got impaled on a telephone pole, and guess what happened to the stranger? You know it.

That last part redeemed this episode for me. Because it was something different, not the same old stuff we’ve been watching all arc. Hopefully there’s more stuff like that, rather than “Jojo & pals struggle to beat a Stand before they figure out the trick, then the Stand gets five minutes to redeem himself.”

Character of the episode: Zenyatta

Just for that bit at the end.

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***