BC 7: Royal candidate

Black Clover episode 7 review

BC 7

This series continues to be the most cliched show I’ve ever seen. Now we’ve got the stereotypical princess snob who thinks she’s royalty and treats everyone else like scum. I’m not saying that having such a character is a bad thing; I do not hate Noelle, in fact, I like her. But the way this episode plays out – she treats Asta like garbage, then Asta has to come to her rescue when her magic goes astray, and the two become friends – it just seems so overdone.

That’s the problem with Black Clover – there’s nothing new to it. It’s all the same old stuff we’ve seen in all sort of other shows, combined into one. When is Black Clover going to come up with something new? That’s what I’m waiting to see.

Character of the episode: Noelle

Episode rating (out of four stars): **

One thought on “BC 7: Royal candidate

  1. For me it wasn’t the lack of originality that made me drop this show at episode 13. I kind of expected it to be pretty standard shounen. What I disliked, was it managed to make the cliches boring. There was no excitement to the delivery and the jokes just fell flat. It could have told us a the standard story if it wanted to but at least make it interesting.


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