HxH 80: Stupidest flashback ever

Hunter x Hunter episode 80 review

HxH 80

(Note: This is a convention week for me, so no reviews of my weekly shows; only Toonami.)

Remember when I told you that Hunter x Hunter was going to go downhill? Here it is. We get this incredibly over-the-top sad flashback over Gyro, including the completely unnecessary story of how he had to pee in a bottle. Then it’s over, and so is Gyro’s life. He’s dead. Yet we wasted almost half the episode on the flashback. Who cares if the guy’s dead now? This is worse than those pointless flashbacks in Bleach.

Then we get to see Ponzu get killed. Seriously, I hate these Chimera Ants. Don’t try to get me to feel bad for them 50 episodes from now. They’re awful creatures, with no redeemable qualities. I don’t want to see them become friends with our heroes, who were again relegated to secondary status in this not-so-good episode.

Character of the episode: Ponzu

Episode rating (out of four stars): no stars

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