S7 3-4: Champloo-esque

Samurai 7 episodes 3-4 review

S7 3

Samurai 7 seems to be a carbon copy of Samurai Champloo. There’s a quest to find the sunflower samurai to hire samurai to protect the rice fields. In between, there’s all this silly stuff going on. We had two instances, one per episode, where a samurai made a bet that his opponent couldn’t kill him by shooting arrows or some other sharp object at him. Both times, of course, the bet was won, because samurai are faster than the speed of light. But in neither case did the losing side pay up.

These episodes really hurt my interest in the show. Samurai Champloo worked because it was funny. And again, as I say so many times, a show does not need to be funny in order to be good. But if you’re not going to make any progress as to the main plot of the show, then I need something else to keep me hooked. Instead we’re just having samurai make bets against other samurai.

Episode 3 rating (out of four stars): **

Episode 4 rating: **

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