Citrus 2: Save it, Grandpa

Citrus episode 2 review

Citrus 2

In this episode, Yuzuuchi has more unwanted moves put on her by Mei. These scenes are especially painful to watch. What happened to “Cosplay is Not Consent”?

Also, Yuzu catches a teacher plotting to use Mei as his way of getting farther in the school, She then announces it before the whole school, throwing her home life into chaos, as Mei again puts some moves on her, while Mei’s grandfather catches her in the act and of course blames Yuzu.

I realize this is a yuri anime, but the ecchi is taking away from the actual story. I’d like to see a supportive yuri relationship, not all this borderline-rape stuff. This isn’t the right way to depict yuri, in my opinion.

Episode rating (out of four stars): **1/2

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