HxH 79: Koala Ant

Hunter x Hunter episode 79 review

Koala Ant

Getting into the NGL, where the Chimera Ant outbreak is, is almost impossible. You’ve got to go through an embassy that makes the Berlin Wall look like a piece of paper. No electronics of any sort are allowed, nor is anything metal. Gon and Killua of course pass with flying colors, though. Some of Kite’s gang must go home, which is better for their sake.

Meanwhile, Ponzu and the other guys are trying to get into this thing too, but their part in this story feels about as pointless as that casino portion of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Not really sure what purpose they are serving.

And finally, you’ve got a Koala Ant going up and shooting humans to death. I get it, the purpose is to show that A) metal has made it into NGL somehow and B) the Chimera Ants are reproducing at a ridiculous rate. Even so, this particular character seems kind of ridiculous. A Chimera Ant who’s a mob boss? Seriously, let’s think up a more reasonable type of character.

Character of the episode: Ponzu

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***

One thought on “HxH 79: Koala Ant

  1. I’ve finally gotten ahead of you again and yeah, I had much the same reaction to the koala. And if they had to have a koala I have to wonder why it is pink and why it is awake. Oh well. There doesn’t appear to be a huge amount of logic behind the ant’s designs and the half-hearted explanations aren’t really cutting it.

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