TFo0 F 1-2: The Popester

The Familiar of Zero F episodes 1-2 review

TFo0 F

The key to The Familiar of Zero – a series that I reviewed on my previous blog – is Louise. She’s the typical tsundere, so her emotions change minute by minute, or even second by second. She’s what makes the series tick. There are a ton of characters, and a lot of good ones, but Louise is the most important of all of them, and as long as she’s funny/entertaining, everything’s fine.

This new season starts with Saito – the main male character – sleeping with both Louise and Siesta, and a typical breasts joke coming up. Then we move on to a real plot, where the Pope shows up and asks for help in finding the fourth Void user. What this all means is unimportant. The important thing is that Saito must now protect Louise from these villains that show up shortly afterward.

And it only takes until episode 2 for Louise to get captured by the villains. Now it’s up to Saito to save her, while a whole bunch of subplots are going on. These include Tiffa trying to gain her magic, the reason for Tabitha’s sad state, and Siesta acting out of character (which doesn’t make much sense to me). Overall, The Familiar of Zero F (the fourth season) has started out much like the previous three seasons – funny and entertaining.

Episode 1 rating (out of four stars): ***

Episode 2 rating: ***

One thought on “TFo0 F 1-2: The Popester

  1. I haven’t watched this series yet so I’ll be curious about your thoughts on it. I’ve watched the earlier Familiar of Zero shows and while they aren’t my favourite kind of story they were entertaining enough. Thanks for sharing.


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