S7 1-2: The Search for Spock

Samurai 7 episodes 1-2 review


Samurai 7 is different from the other series I review. There’s no humor here; rather, it’s all serious. Basically, the main characters live in a rice-making village which gets pillaged by bandits. Their goal is to hire samurai who can protect the village. To do so, they send out Kirara, a woman with the same name as a character in InuYasha, along with her sister Komachi, and another guy named Rikichi.

The first episode consists of Kirara using a crystal which locates a certain samurai that is going to be the one to rescue the village. This certain samurai, Shimada, saves a baby from a bandit, but when the second episode comes along, he turns out to be a Luke Skywalker and doesn’t want to help.

Then Kirara gets captured, and she tries to escape, but gets pushed to a ledge. With no other option, she jumps down an elevator shaft, and Shimada somehow defies the laws of gravity in order to save her. He falls faster than she falls, which is incorrect since gravity is a constant of 9.8 meters per second. I didn’t say the series was realistic.

Overall, two entertaining episodes to start the series. It’s on the serious side, as I pointed out, but it is still worth watching.

Episode 1 rating (out of four stars): ***

Episode 2 rating: ***

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