SP 11-12: Survivor

Sister Princess episodes 11-12 review

SP 12

Sister Princess was charming despite its many flaws in the first five episodes. But now, those flaws are starting to show in a big way. It’s trying too hard to give all 12 sisters a speaking role, instead of doing what the early episodes did best, which was focus on one at a time. Now you’ve got 12 girls all getting to say one sentence, or even worse, speaking at once. And all Wataru (the main character) can say is “It can’t be true!” (His catch phrase, of course.)

In this pair of episodes, Wataru saves the gang from drowning when their submarine goes down, then ends up being rescued and finding out everything’s okay. Seriously, there isn’t anything more to it. It’s very slicy-of-lifey, which is going to become a new catchphrase of mine. I’m going to slip it into the podcast this week, just wait and see!

Episode 11 rating (out of four stars): **1/2

Episode 12 rating: **

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