HxH 78: Neo-Green Lantern

Hunter x Hunter episode 78 review

HxH 78.png

The Chimera Ants have taken over NGL. What is NGL, you may ask? You’ll find out that it’s more like North Korea than anything. And yes, the Hunters have a bigger button on their table than NGL has, but I’m no stable genius. In any case, Chimera Ants are growing, evolving, and getting smarter.

That last one comes with a caveat: they can’t figure out what a “name” is, yet they easily figured out how to read, and what bullets are. It’s all about getting the Queen her nutrition, which is 50 humans a day. Why must she give birth to the King? That’s a mystery, but if it could be stopped, it would save everyone a lot of heartache.

Finally, there’s Ponzu preparing to invade NGL along with some other Hunters. Don’t do it, Ponzu! We have barely any female characters as it is. Don’t make yourself their next victim!

Character of the episode: Killua

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***

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