Citrus 1: Citrus Bowl

Citrus episode 1 review

Citrus 1

Warning: this is a yuri anime. Themes in this show may be offensive to some viewers.

Basically, a girl named Yuzu (or Yuzuuchi) goes to a new school, where the student council president Mei gets on her for what she’s wearing. Then she cops a feel. Later on, Mei is revealed to be living with Yuzu as a “step-sister,” and then she steals Yuzu’s first kiss.

Lots and lots of fanservice. So fanservicey you can’t believe it. The plot sounds interesting, but a lot hinges on whether this show decides it’s going to be serious, or whether it’s there to give you what you want. Hopefully the show goes for the former and not the latter.

Episode rating (out of four stars): **1/2

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