BC 4: Shonen manga

Black Clover episode 4 review

BC 4

Look, guys, I don’t want to say Black Clover is bad. But let’s face it, this has pretty much every cliche from every shonen ever. Asta wants to be the Wizard King, or the King of the Pirates from One Piece or the next Hokage from Naruto. Asta now has to go through an exam, like Hunter x Hunter or Naruto again. He’s got a big freaking sword, like InuYasha or Bleach. And he’s got himself a rival, like any shonen you want to pick.

All these cliches add up to a mixed bag. In some ways, I like the show, but I feel like I’ve already seen it 10 times. When Black Clover finally decides to differentiate itself from other anime – no integrals, please – then I’ll start treating it seriously. For now, however, it’s just so generic that there’s no reason to seriously review it.

Character of the episode: Asta

Episode rating (out of four stars): **

One thought on “BC 4: Shonen manga

  1. I didn’t think Black Clover was bad because it was generic. I don’t like it because it doesn’t do anything new and it doesn’t even manage to make the cliches interesting or exciting. I mean, he has a rival from episode 1 and yet nothing has happened with that at all. He has a big sword but hasn’t used it for more than like a second.
    My Hero Academia was also full of cliches and tropes we’d seen before but it always managed to feel energetic and fresh where as Black Clover feels like a drag to get through an episode.


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