Jojo SC 19: I did not need to see that

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders episode 19 review

Jojo SC 19

This episode contains an exploding, bleeding dog. I’m sorry, but there was no need to include that as part of the episode. Surely we could have gotten the point across some other way. That was just completely sickening and never needs to be shown on TV in any way.

The rest of the episode, however, was pretty good. It reminded me of that one episode in Star Trek: The Next Generation when the crew kept going through the same events over and over again, leading to the explosion of the Enterprise. Riker had the right idea to save it, but Picard overruled him, and that caused the ship to explode. Data noticed that Riker’s idea was right, so he put in the number three, denoting the three pips on Riker’s shirt. Then the number three came up everywhere, and the next go-around, Data chose to follow Riker’s orders, and the ship was saved.

The same thing happened here. In this case, it was Kakyoin slicing his own body with “Baby Stand.” Now the question is, will he be able to kill off the baby without any backlash? I mean, you can’t just kill a baby in front of Joseph Joestar.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention: Jotaro Kujo continues to be absolutely 100% useless.

Character of the episode: Kakyoin

Episode rating (out of four stars): **1/2

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