2017 Year in Review

2017 Glasses

2017 was not my first year blogging; I’ve actually been at this since 2008. But this is the first year under the new blog name and new URL address. So let’s go through the best and worst of 2017!

Best anime convention: Colossalcon. As usual, hard to say anything bad about the con that continues to provide excellent programming, fun times, and magical moments, year after year.

Best anime convention moment: Either of my Re:Zero panels, at Tekko and at Colossalcon.

Best anime convention panel: Lucky Cat Awards at Tekko. Included such craziness as “best Engrish in an anime.” Fun stuff.

Best anime convention guest: Cherami Leigh at Tekko. Come on, did you really think I’d pick anyone over Cherami? She’s my all-time favorite voice actress/guest/person-in-general from any con. Great to meet her again.

Best sports-related moment: Packers pull off upset playoff win in Dallas.

Worst sports-related moment: Aaron Rodgers getting injured.

Best anime character of the year, Toonami: Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter. His Yorknew City arc was the best I’ve seen from a single character since probably Ichigo in the Soul Society arc.

Worst anime character of the year, Toonami: Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul. Need I say more?

Best anime I watched this year, overall: Shangri-La. The most criminally underrated and under-noticed anime of all time. Go out and buy it, now. It’s super-cheap and it’ll blow you away. 24 episodes later, you’ll wonder why it wasn’t as big as Evangelion.

Best anime I watched this year, Toonami: Hunter x Hunter. It’s been a fun ride, through the Yorknew City arc, the Greed Island arc, and now the Chimera Ant arc. It’s not perfect, but nothing on Toonami is going to be brilliant because it’s all the same genre.

Worst anime I watched this year, overall: Tokyo Ghoul. How this thing has any fans is beyond me. Tokyo Ghoul is the worst piece of garbage ever to masquerade as an anime. It is pointless to follow, boring to watch, and embarrassing to see. I can’t wait for season 3.

Best anime episode of the year: “The End of Lupin the 3rd.” Lupin gets locked away to rot and die, yet he still holds the upper hand on Zenigata the whole time. It’s great fun.

Worst anime episode of the year: Pick any Tokyo Ghoul episode. I’d go with the season 1 finale.

New Year’s Resolution: For this blog, to pick up watching five anime a week again. I’ll have my choices for the anime for each day of the week posted sometime next week, and the weekly watching will begin on January 8.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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