HxH 76: Go fly a Kite

Hunter x Hunter episode 76 review

HxH 76

So, in the biggest shock ever, that man who Gon and Killua found, is not Ging. No, he’s actually one of Ging’s friends, named Kite. Kite, who has a strange face, greets the boys by firing a large deadly weapon at them, killing off a single ant. It turns out that those ants are very predatory.

Kite then tells Gon stories about Ging, and he offers to let Gon know where he is right now. Gon, who used the Accompany card for that very reason, suddenly does an about-face and now chooses to not want to find out where Ging is. Instead, Gon is intent with just hearing the stories.

Meanwhile, a queen ant starts gathering food, as she must give birth to the king. Why? What does that even mean? It may be until 2018 when we find out.

Character of the episode: Kite

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***

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