BC 2: I’ll have you marry me!

Black Clover episode 2 review

BC 2

The cliches continue as we enter the second episode of Black Clover. This time we find out that Asta is just a really, really persistent person who won’t give up on anything, and that’s the reason why he gets all this good luck. There’s nothing wrong with persistence, but I’ve seen this character so many times that I don’t know what to do with this one. Asta won’t give up on marrying Lily, which means of course they’re going to end up with each other.

This show also follows the Fullmetal Alchemist example of going to a flashback right after the first episode (or two-part episode in FMA’s case). So almost all of this episode is just a flashback to set up the fact that Asta and Yuno are rivals. Also, there’s all this talk about the Wizard King and how both of them are going to be the Wizard King. It’s hard at this point to judge Black Clover just based on two episodes, but so far it feels like it’s no different from Naruto or any other shounen series. The hope is that there’s some sort of twist that differentiates it.

Character of the episode: Asta

Episode rating (out of four stars): **½