HxH 75: Survivor: Greed Island

Hunter x Hunter episode 75 review

HxH 75

The Greed Island arc is finally over! Gon has beaten the game, and he gets all the credit for it even though Bisky and Killua deserve more credit than him. Ultimately we end up wondering what the purpose of all this was. “Purpose, it keeps you going strong, like a car, with a full tank of gaaaa-aaaaas…” But really, what is the purpose? Gon and Killua weren’t after the money, and it was obvious that they could escape into the real world if they wanted to knock out 1,000 Hunters at once. Oh, yeah, that’s right, now I remember…

Gon wants to find Ging! And he’s figured out how to! He’s allowed to keep 3 cards to take with him “into the real world” (even though Greed Island is “the real world,” but whatever). He lets Bisky waste one of them on Blue Planet that way she can have that little jewel. Then Gon and Killua use the other two cards to bend the rules in order to turn the two of them into an Accompany card. I didn’t understand how that worked, but what I took away from it is that it was somewhat similar to an inverse cosine. A secant, if you will. Or a cosecant to a sine, or a cotangent to a tangent. Ah, I miss math so much!

Then Gon and Killua immediately – that’s right, immediately – use that Accompany card to get to a character with an extremely offensive name. Honestly, I was hoping they would edit this part out of the English dub. Anyone in North America who sees those four letters together sees that as offensive. Hard to believe that passed the censors and “the freaking FCC.” In any case, Gon and Killua “Accompany On” to this character, who is probably hopefully likely maybe possibly Ging, Gon’s father. Right? It has to be. We’ve waited 75 episodes. Surely this is the perfect time to introduce Ging, right?

Don’t hold your breath, is all I have to say. This next arc is loooooooooooong. In fact, it’s almost as long as everything we’ve already seen thus far, close to 70 episodes. And it is one nutty arc. It has its highs, it has its lows, and it has its low lows. There is one character, though, that if you don’t love, you have no soul. That character is what saves the arc from itself. If not for that character, I would want all memories of this arc erased from existence.

Who is that character? Why is that character so important? What is this arc even about anyway? And is that guy over there actually Ging? Find out everything next week, as the Chimera Ant Arc gets underway!

Character of the episode: Gon

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***1/2