2017, Week 13: Die Another Day

2017, Week 13: Packers 26, Buccaneers 20 (OT)

Aaron Jones TD

The Packers’ performance on Sunday was nothing to write home about. It was an ugly, sloppy game that they definitely deserved to lose. Brett Hundley continues to be horrible, throwing for less than 100 yards in an era of football where throwing for only 200 is a disappointment. But none of that matters for the moment, since they found a way to win (in overtime) and now can think about next week’s game as Brett Hundley’s Super Bowl. If Hundley can find a way to win a game against the 0-12 Cleveland Browns, the Packers could get Aaron Rodgers back the following week, and then everything changes about the team. But none of this happens if Hundley’s Packers lose to the Browns. A loss to the Browns means heads will roll. It would be ugly.

+: Jamaal Williams. If anything to take away from this game, it’s that the Packers may be set up for years to come in the running back department.

-: Hundley. Yikes.

2017 Green Bay Packers: 6-6

Next week: at Cleveland