HxH 74: Touched by an Angel

Hunter x Hunter episode 74 review

HxH 74

I’m not a battle kind of person. What I mean is, I don’t enjoy the big battles with all the buildup. I prefer the other, smaller moments that add to the plot, and I don’t need to see two men going all out at each other in order to enjoy a series. Hence why I don’t like Dragon Ball when it’s Goku screaming his way to a power-up, but I enjoy it when it’s Mr. Satan hanging out with Majin Buu.

This battle is pretty boring. How predictable is it that Gon gets beat up to a pulp, then suddenly turns it on and uses his special attacks to defeat Genthru. Then there’s a bunch of hand-wringing over who gets healed and in what order. Eventually they decide that everyone gets healed. Now Gon and Killua and Bisky have collected 99 cards and there’s one card left. In order to get it, they have to ace a Who Wants to be a Millionaire-style quiz.

It was rather anticlimactic how this went down, but that’s a hallmark of Hunter x Hunter. Just wait till you see how the main villain in the Chimera Ant arc goes down. If I told you now, you’d be sick to your stomach. I’ll let you find out for yourself… and then hurl.

Character of the episode: Killua

I loved his reaction to getting fully healed.

Episode rating (out of four stars): **1/4 (yes, I’m using quarters of stars now)