HxH 73: Roly-poly little bat-faced girl

Hunter x Hunter episode 73 review

HxH 73

Since you can never have more than one-on-one battles in a shounen anime, the three of Gon’s group split up to face the three of Genthru’s group. Since Gon is the weakest, of course they put him up against Genthru, the strongest. Bisky and Killua go up against the horses with no names.

All around there were incidents and accidents, but Killua has the upper hand, and Bisky wins big time when she reveals that “this isn’t even my final form!!!” She transforms, then wins easily. You can call her Bisky, but I think I’ll call her Al. And Gon, going up against the strongest and the only guy whose name I can remember, is getting beaten to a pulp.

There’s also some crap about Tsezguerra, but I don’t think anyone ever cared about him nor should they. He’s meaningless to the plot, as is Goreinu. Now it’s up to Gon to scream his way to a power-up.

Character of the episode: Biscuit Krueger

Episode rating (out of four stars): **1/2


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