2017, Week 9: Punchless

2017, Week 9: Lions 30, Packers 17

This Packers team has no punch, no spirit, no life. They are willing to roll over and lie down. Aside from a couple of garbage touchdowns after the team was buried by 17 points (and then 20), the Packers have nothing to offer the NFL. I’d be shocked if their future Sunday Night Football games don’t get flexed out of primetime in order to avoid the embarrassment of a Brett Hundley team under the lights.

+: Field goal unit. Great job rushing on to the field at the end of the first half to get off a last-second field goal.

-: Mike Daniels. He deserves special blame because he headbutted an opponent on a play that would have resulted in a Lions punt. Instead, his penalty gave the Lions a first down, and they went downfield and scored a touchdown. That set the tone for the rest of the game.

2017 Green Bay Packers: 4-4

Next week: at Chicago