HxH 72: A game of tag

Hunter x Hunter episode 72 review

HxH 72

It feels like forever since my last Hunter x Hunter review. This episode contains the second-stupidest moment in Hunter x Hunter history, where Genthru and Tsezgerra play a game of tag for almost the entirety of an episode. It makes little sense and is even less entertaining to watch. 48 cards aren’t going to buy you 3 weeks of time. They might buy you, say, an hour.

In other news, Gon continues to train, because after all this is shounen and in shounen we’ve got to have training episodes. What would we do if not for training episodes? We might actually have stories to follow, and we can’t have that. Just wait until the training in the next arc.

Character of the episode: Bisky

Episode rating (out of four stars): *