Jojo SC 11: Avdol is dead

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders episode 11 review

Jojo SC 11

Blogging is much like a bad job: there are no sick days. You get ill, you’re fired. In my case, I got sick and everything came to crashing halt. I’m battling back from some sort of cold/infection that has done everything to me except make me lose weight, meaning it’s the worst case scenario.

Anyway, this was a great episode of Jojo this week, even though it was established that we’ve lost Avdol. As for Avdol, the guy barely got any screen time; it was only a matter of time until he was voted off the island. But the way Polnaroff and Kakyoin fought off Centerfold was fun to watch, even if it continues to mean that Jotaro is being forgotten. In fact, Jotaro now comes in dead last in attention now that Avdol is gone.

I’m getting a little tired of the world trekking and would rather them get to Egypt sooner than later, but even so, it’s been a fun trip. I don’t know what to write because my head still isn’t right from this illness. Hopefully I wake up tomorrow with a miracle cure.

Episode rating(out of four stars): ***

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