2017, Week 6: The season is over

2017, Week 6: Vikings 23, Packers 10

Aaron Rodgers injury

With Aaron Rodgers out for the season (probably) with a broken collarbone, the Packers’ season is in effect over. There is no chance this team makes the playoffs with Brett Hundley at QB, let alone goes to the Super Bowl. Hundley looked utterly horrible in Sunday’s loss to the Vikings, and the stubborn Packers front office is choosing to go with him the rest of the way (it seems). There isn’t much more to say but that without Rodgers, the Packers are helpless.

+: Davante Adams. He had a good touchdown catch in this one and deserves credit for his play.

-: Brett Hundley. He looks like a Cleveland Browns quarterback out there, and that’s being generous. Obviously he’s never going to be Rodgers, but he wasn’t even competent out there.

2017 Green Bay Packers: 4-2

Next week: vs. New Orleans

One thought on “2017, Week 6: The season is over

  1. Tough injury – Rodgers IS your team. He absolutely carries the Packers. He’s the best player in football. All that said, the central is up for grabs. If Hundley gets a few weeks practice under his belt with the first team, he could be serviceable enough to get the Packers to 9-7 or 10-6, and that could win the division (though of course I’m pulling for my sad sack Bears), though 8-8 seems a more reasonable record.

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