SP 3-5: Hinako is just too cute

Sister Princess episodes 3-5 review

Sister Princess 4

As Wataru gets to learning about his twelve sisters, there’s one who stands out: Hinako. Don’t get me wrong, each and every one of the twelve is uber-cute, but Hinako is even more so. As she spends an episode trying to find “Mr. Teddy Bear,” my heart just utterly melted. And then my heart melted even more when she tried to send an e-mail to Wataru using… a calculator.

There’s no siscon going on here, just cute girls acting cute cutely. This may not be for everyone; if you’re more of a Jojo fan, you may not like this too much. But it’s my guilty pleasure. To imagine 12 girls obsessed with you and doing whatever they can to grab your attention, with no sexuality involved, it’s a kawaii dream. Again, no siscon, just cuteness.

Episodes 3-5 rating (out of four stars): ***1/2

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