HxH 69: Get Out of Dodgeball

Hunter x Hunter episode 69 review

HxH 69

So we’re going to be spending the next 20 episodes or so (that’s what it feels like) on a dodgeball game. The rules are so convoluted, it makes me wonder if these people have ever played dodgeball before. The game isn’t that tough to understand, really!

Basically, if that guy hits you with a dodgeball, you might die. But as it turns out, every time he does hit someone with a dodgeball, no one dies. So for all the panic about it, there doesn’t seem to be that much really to be worried about. Let’s also add the fact that there are characters we care about, and characters we know next to nothing about. Guess which ones are going to be eliminated right off the bat?

This isn’t actually bad, though. In fact, it was enjoyable, and it becomes even more so as the game goes on. The problem with it is that it’s not entirely clear what they’re doing this all for. A single card? When the bad guys can steal it off you even if you do get it? Why were 90 out of the 100 cards so simple to get that we never saw more than a couple seconds at most of the crew getting them, and now this card is so special that it takes a whole mini-arc to flesh this out? This is Hunter x Hunter for you. You enjoy it, but at the same time, you ask, “Why?”

Character of the episode: Hisoka

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***

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