2017, Week 5: One minute too many

2017, Week 5: Packers 35, Cowboys 31

Randall Cowboys

I have to admit: I almost gave up in the first half with the Packers down 21-6. It looked horrible. The Packers defense gave up 3 touchdowns on 3 possessions, and it seemed that this one was slipping away. A touchdown right before the half made it 21-12, and the defense got a stop to prevent Dallas from taking a bigger lead at halftime.

Two missed extra points seemed to doom the Packers, but Aaron Rodgers kept leading the team back, along with a pick-6 by Damarious Randall, and the Packers led 28-24 with about ten minutes to play. Then the Cowboys went on an extremely long, time-consuming drive, that ate up over 8 minutes and left the Packers with just over a minute to try to come back from a 31-28 deficit.

So Rodgers led the Packers on a lightning-quick drive, completing some good passes, then running for an 18-yard gain on a 3rd down to set up the game-winning touchdown pass to Davante Adams with 11 seconds left. The Cowboys had left the Packers too much time. And while that final play was scary (the Cowboys advanced the ball pretty far on laterals before eventually running out of people to pass it to), the Packers held on for a 35-31 victory.

+: Aaron Rodgers. This was yet again another example of why he’s a future Hall of Famer. It was a signature drive at the end of the game to win it, not to mention not giving up when the team was down by 15 points. Just a fantastic performance in what should have been a loss, but what ended up being an exhilarating victory.

-: Defense in general. While Randall had the pick-6 in the second half, the defense showed little sign of stopping the Cowboys throughout, and looked like the defense I’ve been complaining about for years now. Hopefully they get things figured out back there, but I’m not holding my breath.

2017 Green Bay Packers: 4-1

Next week: at Minnesota

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