Suzuka 21-26: A slap in the face

Suzuka episodes 21-26 review

Suzuka kiss

I’ve finished Suzuka, which opens up 2 slots on the schedule. No word on what will fill those yet. How did this series finish?

Suzuka was the story of one boy’s goal to go out with his dream girl, and eventually fulfilling that goal in the final episode. But the question is, why is Suzuka his dream girl? She is a cold hard b****. And to further prove the point, in the penultimate episode, Yamato tries to comfort Suzuka, who is going through grief from her former crush dying, by kissing her. How does Suzuka respond to this kiss. She slaps him… SIX TIMES. Suzuka has turned from a cold hard b**** to the coldest, hardest, b****iest girl ever. Seriously. At this point, I can’t understand one bit of Yamato’s crush anymore.

The series ends early, as the entire manga was not complete at the time. We don’t get to see Yamato and Suzuka get married, which is how the manga ends. Instead, we get to see them finally as a couple. But by the time we finally get there, I’m not sure I want them to be a couple. Yamato tried to rape Honoka in order to impress Suzuka, and Suzuka is such a b**** that there’s nothing left redeeming about her. Plus, the two of them are chronic liars who lie about pretty much everything. This couple isn’t just flawed, it’s a couple of truly bad people.

As a series, Suzuka wasn’t bad. But it wasn’t great, either. And what was the point of the high jumping thing if we never get to see any of Suzuka’s high jump results? We only vaguely see that she did well at the high jump, but no word on whether she won or anything of the sort. Yamato, in his sprinting role, failed miserably at the big meet. So the sports aspect of Suzuka was a big bust.

Ultimately, I can’t recommend Suzuka. Unless you’re a glutton for punishment who wants to see the main character suffer, this series is too flawed for my liking. Just exactly how happy are these two going to be together? I don’t want them together after all that. I feel like they’re going to be a truly abusive couple to each other. I don’t get warm and fuzzy feelings after watching the two of them get together. Instead, I just feel angry inside. These two characters are not good people. And this series ultimately isn’t very good.

Overall series rating (out of four stars): **1/2

One thought on “Suzuka 21-26: A slap in the face

  1. Suzuka is definitely a mediocre show, but I tend to see it in a different way, as well – it’s a story about two very flawed people who don’t realize they’re flawed. I’ve known “Suzuka’s,” and I’ve been a “Yamato,” a guy who thinks and acts like he’s a good guy, but who is really selfish and immature. And so this series speaks to me as one that shows the people we are rather than the ones we want to be, which is often what we get in anime.

    Also, if you kiss a girl when it’s unwanted, you should expect to be slapped. Maybe even six times. 😛


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