HxH 68: The Waiting

Hunter x Hunter episode 68 review

HxH 68

This episode was pretty pointless. We saw Killua and pals throw matches just in order to “gather information.” Pray tell how you gather information by letting a soccer ball bounce off your foot? Then Jell-O Girl and her pals decide to quit, because they’ve got better things to do than beating the game.

Then they meet up with Hisoka. Hisoka obviously is super sneaky, but it’s not quite obvious what he’s being sneaky about. In fact, it’ll take another 75 episodes or so for us to find out if he’s really even a bad guy. Right now, he’s just a guy who likes to screw with other people’s minds.

The climax of this arc is about to occur, now that Hisoka’s on board. It’s going to be a super-complicated showdown which resembles a sports anime. Can you guess what sport they’ll be playing? Find out soon, on an episode that can’t be any duller than this one.

Character of the episode: Hisoka

Episode rating (out of four stars): **

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