HxH 67: Jell-O

Hunter x Hunter episode 67 review

HxH 67

15 players including Gon and Killua decide to finally get serious about completing the game, which begs the question: what are all the others doing? Are they even trying anymore? Since we’ve been told conflicting things about the fate of those in the game, like whether they’re stuck there or not, or whether they’re dead or not, or whether it’s even a game or not, I’m not going to question their motivation for completing the game, but I will question their competency. How have so few people figured out this game at this point?

This episode was dull, plodding, pedantic; aside from Killua’s argument with the girl whose chest jiggles, there wasn’t much to write home about. We haven’t gotten to the part that takes forever yet, also known as the second-most mind-boggling moment in Hunter x Hunter history. (Not the stupidest, just really confusing.)

Episode rating (out of four stars): *