Jojo SC 8: The real one is not among them

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders episode 8 review

Jojo SC 8

Two things happen in this episode. The first is the hotel stuff. This episode of Jojo does a great job of taking the hotel setting and turning it into a fun episode. You’ve got all sorts of hotel items involved in the plot. A duller anime would have had everyone fight either up on the roof or in space (hello, Dragon Ball). Instead, you’ve got the hotel bed, the hotel key, the TV, and even the hair dryer involved in the battle between the bad guy and Polnareff.

(A brief interlude: Polnareff’s name is so hard to spell and to remember that I had to Google something remotely like it to try to figure out what it was. Also, the bad guy is like the Cigar Store Indian from Seinfeld. I’m not sure if the Japanese realize what a hot-button issue this is in America these days, but even I found the caricature of a Native American offensive. Then I had to look up Winona from Seinfeld. Top 3 girlfriend of Jerry’s all time, no?)

The second thing that happens in this episode is the revelation that one of the members is a traitor. Somehow a Stand can make the TV give hidden messages. The bad guy is… that guy who goes to school with Jojo and whose name I don’t know how to spell… is it Kakyoin? In any case, he’s either a traitor, or this is one of those NCIS teases, like that one episode of NCIS that teased in its commercials that one of the people standing in the room was a traitor even though that really wasn’t true. In any case, either Kakyoin’s a traitor (don’t spoil me, please!) or the show is just playing with us.

Episode rating (out of four stars): ***1/2

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