Suzuka 15-18: Yes, he did that

Suzuka episodes 15-18 review

Suzuka 17

I took yesterday off as a day of mourning for the end of Princess Nine. Never did I thought ending a show would depress me as much as that did. Both the unsatisfying ending and the fact that I’ll never experience those characters again made me curl up in a ball and watch Nelk prank videos all night. Even though I still don’t know who George Hennen is, at least I’m ready to review Suzuka.

And what a quartet of episodes! Yamato has decided to go out with Honoka in order to spite Suzuka. You’ve probably seen this play out in tons of previous anime series as well as non-anime fiction. But what makes Yamato unique is that he has a friend who tells him to go one step further with Honoka. And Yamato listens to him, by literally trying to rape Honoka.

Yes, he really did try to rape her. Honoka is the sweetest, nicest, most innocent girl in the entire series, and Yamato tried to rape her. Now to Honoka’s credit, she ran away when he did that, and a lot of girls aren’t ever able to have that chance thanks to violence from the guy. But Yamato literally tried raping her, all as a way of spiting Suzuka.

Look, I don’t care what the series is about, but when your main character of the series is actually raping a girl, there are serious problems here. Surely he could have expressed his jealousy in a better way. Oooh… oooh… jealousy. This isn’t okay that he did this. This is disgusting. The worst part about it is that Honoka, being the nice and innocent girl she is, actually continues going out with Yamato after the attempted rape. How can I watch these people singing karaoke when I know what he just did? This is not cool, Suzuka. Not cool at all.

Episode 15 rating (out of four stars): **

Episode 16 rating (the episode of the attempted rape): no stars

Episode 17 rating: **1/2

Episode 18 rating: **1/2

One thought on “Suzuka 15-18: Yes, he did that

  1. Yep, that episode. Suzuka is unique, in part, because the two leads are difficult to like. They’re not superficially imperfect, like most anime leads; they have some serious, serious deficiencies. But it’s also, I think, what makes the series worth exploring, because they’re personable foibles unfortunately closely match our own.

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