P9 19-26: Sizzle, then fizzle

Princess Nine episodes 19-26 review

P9 24

It’s not fair for me to talk only about the final episode and how it stymied what was one of the greatest anime series I’ve ever watched. Yet that’s exactly what I’m going to do, because I am a cold-hearted cynic.

The final episode has its moments. There’s a touching moment that leads to an outstanding home run, then there’s another home run that’s full of excitement. But the ending is so predictable. In fact, the way it’s set up, by the time it happens, you know that there’s only one possible outcome, and of course that’s the outcome that occurs. (I try not to go into particulars because it will spoil the ending.) There’s a love confession, and there’s a loss. A loss that you can see coming a mile away and that spoils a lot of the fun that had occurred earlier in the episode.

Despite all that, Princess Nine is utterly fantastic. I was hoping for a feel-good ending, because I like happy endings, but the ending we get is one that would make most sense if there was another season. There isn’t. It’s left open-ended, with the viewer to imagine what happens next. But what happened in the previous 25 1/2 episodes can’t be taken away. The show thrilled me from start to finish. In fact, it becomes only the fifth series I’ve ever watched to earn the 10 out of 10 rating on MyAnimeList. This is one that requires no baseball knowledge to enjoy. I highly recommend buying this series on DVD and finding out for yourself exactly how good it is.

Overall series rating (out of four stars): ****