HxH 66: The stupidest moment in Hunter x Hunter history

Hunter x Hunter episode 66 review

HxH 66

Hunter x Hunter is lucky the Packers played miserable tonight. Because my anger is now somewhat pointed toward them rather than this episode. But regardless, this has to be said: this was the lowest point in the history of Hunter x Hunter.

Let’s ignore everything else that happened in this episode, including the last appearance of Kurapika for about 70 episodes. Ultimately, that Phantom Troupe stuff you see? It doesn’t matter. Let’s instead focus in on what was the biggest copout I’ve ever seen in an anime – laziness from the author/writers.

Here’s what happened. Killua has to take the Hunter exam to gain his Hunter’s license since he didn’t get it the first time. Remember how amazing that arc was? Now, this year’s Hunter Exam is reduced to less than 200 seconds. All that happens is the test administrator tells everyone to steal 5 badges and then come see him. Then we see that Killua wiped out all 1,000+ applicants of the exams and stole their badges. A call to Netero the chairman is made, and Killua is declared a Hunter, just like that. And that’s it.

Why is this so stupid? Well, if you remember how difficult the Hunter exam was, you’d notice a pretty precipitous drop in difficulty this time around. You may also remember that there were actually other future Hunters the first time around, and that even the mighty Killua struggled.  You’d also note that, most of all, the first Hunter Exam was a ton of fun and excitement, and it kept you on the edge of your seat.

Not this time. Instead, Killua wipes out 1,000+ people at once, then takes “an hour and a half” to collect all their badges. Even if he was so powerful that he knocked everyone out in a single instant, that leaves a mere 4500 seconds to collect all those badges. He would have to be grabbing badges off people at the rate of 1 per every 3 seconds. That is not humanly possible.

This lousy “Hunter exam” is there just so Killua can now call himself a Hunter. That’s it. The viewing audience gets nothing out of it save for a quick chuckle, and the show gets nothing out of it because there’s no development of any characters. It’s a waste of time, and the show even tries to get through it as quickly as possible because it’s not edifying in any way, shape, or form.

If you think Hunter x Hunter can’t get worse, you might actually be wrong. There’s a certain upcoming “mini-arc” that takes forever while not really meaning that much. You may like it; you may think it’s a bigger waste of time than this. But if you want to look for that moment that Hunter x Hunter “jumped the shark,” this is it. The show will never reach the heights of the Yorknew City arc ever again.

Character of the episode: Killua

Episode rating (out of four stars): no stars

One thought on “HxH 66: The stupidest moment in Hunter x Hunter history

  1. Well, by this point, Killia has already learned nen while those hunter applicants probably have not yet. Facing someone without nen is like facing a typhoon without your clothes on, unprotected. Remember that even when Gon & Killua were applicants, they had no idea about nen. Plus Killua is a trained assassin. I don’t think this episode is stupid or lazy at all. Sure, it’s very quick. But it’s just to emphasize how far Killua has grown in skills, both in combat and nen skills.


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